Monday, April 4, 2011

Moscow Medicals...DONE

Dan here...

Well, we have a clean bill of health (as far as 2 countries are concerned). After chest X-Rays, blood work and full physicals in the US, we now also have the stamp of approval from 8 Russian doctors (all women...interesting). It consisted of 4 hours of mostly waiting and a little of answering questions about why we are adopting (odd for a "physical")...interestingly enough, the psychologist did not ask us barely anything after we watched her grill a few other couples quite intensly (no H.I.P.P.A. laws here, we sat in the same room as 5 other couples (each with their own translator by the way) and listened to their questioning as well).

A bunch of US cash later and some "pretending" by some doctors to look over our, a clean bill of health!

We had some delicious dry toast this morning for breakfast (actually very good bread) with some cheese and yogurt (also really good), a lunch of a granola bar for Dan and nothing for Patti while we waited for doctors. But tonight we splurged on a wonderful meal at "MY-MY" (pronounced Moo-Moo), a buffet style restaurant (thing Mr. Burger) with authentic Russian food ("Like at home" we were told). Been walking everywhere (except the trip to medicals), feet are getting a workout but the nice thing about the hostel is that we are within a brisk walk to food, entertainment (street performers) and as much people watching as you can handle (if you don't mind them watching you just as much)...we are certainly not "fitting in".

Gotta Love This! We were walking out of a small food store (after watching a Babooshka looking woman actually physically throw 4 teenage boys out), we were asked by two African women (actually from Africa) where they could find somewhere to eat. We, two non-Russian speaking Americans, politely gave them, two non-Russian speaking Africans, directions to McDonalds of all places!

Tomorrow we plan on visiting Red Square where some of the famous landmarks are.  After that, we will be leaving for the orphanage to see Zack once again!  Please pray that all goes well with the train ride as well as seeing him again and then court.  At our medicals, we did meet a few couples from the States that are also adopting, one couple will even be going to the same courthouse we will be going to!  It was refreshing to speak English with another couple! 

This is most likely going to be our last post until we get back.  Our laptop ran out of battery power and our outlet coverter thing (This is Patti typing now) is broken.  We have been using the computer at the hostel for now, and depending on what there is in Cheboksary, we will have no way to communicate until we get back.  We are pretty bummed that we won't be able to Skype with the kids anymore :(

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