Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last post

OK, so I lied before...this will be the last post.  We are here at the hostel waiting for our driver to take us to the train station for our overnight ride to the region.  We will be reunited with Zack tomorrow and we are so excited!  Please pray that all goes well.

Today we walked to Arbat Street again and continues all the way to Red Square.  I'm guessing we walked 10 miles today!  Maybe not quite 10, but it was a lot!  We were getting lost on our way back from Red Square...we ended up walking back to Red Square because we were lost!  It was quite funny!  We eventually made it back.  We took lots of pictures, but can't share any of them right now because the hostel computer is too old to do that, so we will keep posting when we get back home.

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