Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blessed Fully

As I enter into this new world of blogs, I think about what that first post should be.  Should it be something clever and cute-sy?  Should it be serious?  Should it be funny?  I'm really not sure, so I decide to just write what's on my heart.

In thinking for a name for this blog, I wanted to somehow say just how blessed I am, which is how I came up with the name Blessed Fully.  God has been so good to me by providing me with a strong godly husband, Dan.  He is a perfect fit for me.  I tend to get a little emotional at times and he always brings me back to where I need to be.  God has also blessed us with three precious children.  Jenna is our oldest.  She is 5 years old and loves to be with me, watching me and helping me.  She is so excited to be learning how to write her letters and numbers, and can't wait for school next year.  She likes to play with her toys and siblings, as well as tell them what to do.  Next is Jackson.  He goes by Jack, because any time 'Jackson' is used, things aren't good for him (if you know what I mean). :)  Jack is 4 and loves to be like his daddy in every way.  He loves to be with his daddy at work or riding in the truck with him.  He also loves to play with his trucks and cars.  He lines them up and then hooks them up.  He'll drive them around that way on the floor.  Lately, he has a fascination with keys and locks.  He adores his sisters as well and will make a very good catch some day!  He holds doors for us ladies, "Because I'm a Vannette and that's what Vannette boys do,"  He'll say.  Our baby is Kate.  She is 2 years old and a little tiny thing.  What she lacks in size, she makes up for in spunk!  She is so much fun and loves to be silly.  Her favorite thing is to sit at the counter and watch me in the kitchen.  She is learning how to talk slowly, but she expresses herself in other ways!  Jenna and Jack pretty much do all the talking for her!

In the summer of 2008, when I was pregnant with Kate, we were introduced to a boy named Evgeny.  He was a 10 year old orphan.  He was here on a trip to find a family.  Dan and I prayed before he came that if we were the ones God wanted to parent this boy, that He would make it clear.  He made it perfectly clear.  Since that summer, we have been working towards making Evgeny a part of our family.  God has blessed us with wisdom and support from family and friends.  He has also blessed us with the finances for this adoption.  We have fundraised most of the money, and could never have done it without the faithfulness of our Father.

In addition to have the blessing of family, we are also blessed with steady work for Dan.  That is something we do not take for granted.  We also have a warm house, vehicles, a loving church family, great friends, abundance of food and clothes, freedom.  I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the idea...we are blessed fully.

To God be the glory!