Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dan here (Patti is sleeping...VERY little sleep last night) Court went great and it is official according to the Russian government! His name is now Zack James Vannette. A one day court is FANTASTIC according to how things are currently going with adoptions here and in fact there is a family here from Indiana who is hoping to finish in court tomorrow afternoon and they started this morning at the same time we did (different judge). The internet is sketchy here and as we were Skyping (or however you say it) my parents, Jenna, Jack and Kate the connection died and it was not untill a bit ago (some 4 hours later) that it has resumed working. It has been hard not being able to call our loved ones and update this blog as our phone card was not working either. The plan at this point is that we will be traveling by car (an 1.5 hr ride) to Zack's orphanage to visit with his teacher and other staff as well as to see where his has lived these last few years. Then we will take the 13 hour train ride back to Moscow and our 2 incredibly painfull (downside of being 6'6") plane rides home. After the 10 day waiting period (still unsure if that started today or will this Saturday) I will be returning here to finish paperwork and take him home! We did learn today that he in fact did NOT enter his first orphanage untill the age of 5 and his only childhood memory is that he was cold, hungry and was all we could do to not break into tears in the courtroom upon hearing this...that should NEVER be the memory of a childhood. Patti says a child should remember the relentless torment of siblings (you will have to ask her about HER childhood memories :) ). Anyway, enough for tonight as it is after 9 and time to get ready for bed. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS...THE LORD HAS ANSWERED AND SHOWERED HIS FAVOR UPON US!


  1. Praise God!

    It is so sad to hear of Zack's first memories, but how great the grace of God that those should soon grow dim in the warm and loving family of which he he is now a member. What a wonderful and stunning reminder of God's grace toward us!

    "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away." [Rev. 21:4]

  2. So happy for you guys! Hope everything goes well with the paper work and i look forward to seeing you all at church as one big family! :D congrats! A long time to wait for such a great answer to prayer!